NBA Playoffs – “This is Fun as Fuck”

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It’s a beautiful Friday night in April. I’m sitting in section 223 in Oracle Arena for Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs between the Denver Nuggets and the Golden State Warriors. The first two games in Denver established this match-up as one worth watching. (Chicago vs. Brooklyn & Indiana vs. Atlanta had also been interesting.) Sometime during the 2nd quarter I get a text from a friend.

How is it there? Looks electric.

There are few venues in sports that have a reputation of being truly special: EnergySolutions Arena (Utah Jazz), Tiger Stadium (LSU football), CenturyLink Field (Seattle Seahawks), Allen Fieldhouse (Kansas University basketball). Oracle Arena is one of them. I had no idea how to respond to the text though.

How to describe this atmosphere?

It was something I’ve never experienced before. Lacob & Co. did not go cheap for this game. Everyone who had a seat, all 19,500+ found a golden yellow shirt on their seat. Everyone who walked through the doors got a packet containing thunder sticks. So, Oracle Arena, which is already known for having some of the best, and loudest fans in the NBA, was about to get louder and look like a single unit on TNT.

I had no idea how to respond to the text. How do I describe the atmosphere. During breaks in the action and between melodic chants of “Warriors”, I gave it some thought.

I had nothing though. No words to capture it. Then fellow Upper Reserved contributor, Tarik, leans over from a few seats away and says, “This is fun as fuck!”

He was right.

This is fun as fuck. Both for us fans, and the players.



It continued during the San Antonio series. Refs were questionable. Defense!


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