The Confusion: Jonathan Martin vs Richie Incognito

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What started off as a story of adult bullying in a NFL locker room is slowly approaching a Manti Te’o level of weirdness. We heard the stories of Richie Incognito leaving voicemails on Jonathan Martin’s phone dropping the n-bomb and threatening to kill him. We heard that Incognito got Martin to drop $30,000 on a trip to Vegas. And with bullying in schools a hot topic in America, this story took off.

TMZ posted this video of Incognito acting a fool with his shirt off in a bar. During his drunken, or crazed rage, he definitely drops the n-bomb which is completely unacceptable. Even in Florida.

Then, Hall of Famer Warren Sapp appears on The Dan Patrick Show and says Incognito dropped the n-bomb on him during a game but didn’t think much of it because it was in the heat of battle and not off the field.

Then the Dolphin vets stand up for Incognito. Including quarterback Ryan Tannehill who said Incognito is a great teammate and Jonathan Martin’s best friend.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Martin checked himself into a hospital to be treated for emotional distress.

Rumors surfaced that Incognito was ordered by the staff to toughen up Martin. Jeff Ireland, the Miami Dolphins GM, said Jonathan Martin should have punched Richie Incognito. Head coach Joe Philbin said he built a culture of “honesty and respect”. African-American Dolphin players have been quoted saying they view Incognito as a “honorary black guy and more black than Jonathan Martin”.

So what have we learned?

Richie Incognito is probably a racist. But because he’s good at football, people will let him get away with it. Jonathan Martin is probably a little soft emotionally. The Miami Dolphins suck and are a subpar organization on and off the field. And through it all, no one’s covered the story better than the animated Taiwanese news version of TMZ, NMA World Edition.


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