Standout Moment of the 2013 MLB Regular Season

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April 10, 2013. It’s a Wednesday night at Safeco Field in Seattle and the Astros are in town to play the Mariners. A pretty lackluster game. Then came the bottom of the 8th inning and Johnny Turk, a random fan, pulls off one of the most memorable moves of the 2013 MLB season. (obviously behind Mariano Rivera)

This is was impressive because it had two parts to it. First, he had to catch a foul ball with a beer cup. I’ve personally been to hundreds of baseball games in my life and never been within an arm’s reach of a foul ball. So the simple lucky fact that he was in a position to catch a ball is cool. Then, he managed to steal it from his buddy with a beer cup. Seriously, try to catch a ball hit 300 feet with a beer cup 100 times and you might get five if you’re lucky.

Then, instead of pulling the ball out of his beer or getting mad that his beer is now ruined, he does the cool bro thing and chugs it. Spilling beer all over the place. A move so epic that it was dubbed the, “Seattle Shower”. Which, given the fact that his beer was golden is a lot better than the alternative.

Unfortunately, Johnny tried to capitalize on his move and it didn’t work out. He started a website called Catch ‘N Chug, which is no longer up to sell Seattle Shower shirts.


His Facebook page is still up though. I’m guessing that Seattle’s bad year and small market did him in. If he did it in Yankee Stadium, we all might have one of these shirts. Regardless of financial and commercial success, Johnny Turk did something epically amazing and created a new baseball term in the process. Cheers!


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