No Crime was Committed


“We were robbed!” “They cheated us!” “They stole to trophy!”

Many 49er faithful are still agonizing over the loss in SuperBowl XLVII to the Baltimore Ravens. There are many reasons a person could attribute to the loss. One could blame the loss on the slow first half start, the inexperience of the 49ers, the grand stage of the SuperBowl being too big for the upstart 49ers, Ray Lewis’ hotline to the Almighty, blah blah blah. The Niners had an opportunity at the end of the game to reach their championship aspirations. With a mere 7 yards to go and 4 downs at their disposal, the dreams of hoisting their 6th Lombardi trophy were crushed. I don’t want to hear about the holding call of Crabtree or how it’s the refs fault or anything else that absolves the team from responsibility of their performance. Let’s collectively MAN UP. Truth be told, the play calling was atrocious! Instead of getting cute and trying to outsmart his older brother, coach Harbaugh should have chosen to run the ball! It’s what the Niners had done all season with a great measure of success. Then again, hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20.

What I really am turned off by is the fact that people are running around saying that the Niners were somehow cheated out of the SuperBowl. Nothing could be further from the truth. In my estimation, that is nothing but an excuse. Excuses are the mark of losers, not champions. The Niners had a great season and have shown a lot of promise, especially with the emergence of Colin Kaepernick. They have officially returned to national relevance and prominence. Bright days are definitely ahead for this once proud franchise. To say that the Niners were robbed only serves to diminish and greatly tarnish the aforementioned accomplishments. The true make of a champion is grace in both victory and in defeat. It is my belief that the fan base should echo and embody the sentiments of the team for which they cheer.


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