Life in the Upper Deck

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It’s about being at the game. I don’t have to be sitting courtside to marvel at warm-up shooting perfection, to soak in the atmosphere during a big run, or to appreciate the beauty of a perfect alley-oop. As long as I can see the baby dancing on the Jumbotron during TV timeouts, I’ve got a good seat.

I may not get a warm eucalyptus towelette to tidy my hands, or a shrimp buffet in a private box, but I do get to sit with fellow brethren who want to be there. Who know all the cheering cues and join in the chants. Who give a 24-second violation a standing ovation. Who know that you always boo Dwight Howard. Always.

But you can’t boo if you’re not there.

One of the biggest lies propagated by sports fans around the world is: “I was at that game!” If you took a poll on the street in Boston asking people if they were at Game 6 of the 1975 World Series, the Carlton Fisk game, you’d be surprised to learn that Fenway can hold about 625,000. Yes, that’s the entire population of Boston.

If you’re willing to enjoy the game from the upper deck, you don’t have to be one of these liars. You just have to put in the time on StubHub or Craig’s List and find the right price. I’ve used this method this season and already seen Olympians, Hall of Famers, The Flight of the Falcon, a 17-point second half comeback, half court threes, and a buzzer beater. I was at all those games.

Disco Block

So don’t think you’re settling when you buy upper reserved tickets for you and your buddies. Sure, a disco ball might be hanging right in the middle of the Jumbotron. But you can take comfort knowing that it’s the same disco ball that lights the darkened arena in sparkly magic during the player intros.

But if that disco ball is blocking the dancing baby during “Dance Cam,” you may have to find a different seat.


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