I’m in a Conflicted Relationship

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I first met her when I was four years old. It was love at first sight.

My family was at a neighborhood party. As much as I craved the delicious treats on the table, the cheers and screams kept drawing me toward the television. There she was. Simply stunning. She looked amazing that evening dressed classically in red and gold. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her as she moved around with poise and grace. The image of her high legs is something that I’ll never forget. Then, I saw her with an elegant ring on her finger. That did it. I fell head over heals for her.

She knew it too. Oh how she spoiled me in the beginning of our relationship.

She had a flair for the dramatic. She never let me forget that she was special, or that there was no one better than her. In fact, no one else was even close. With her goods always on display, it was hard to argue with her.

But then came the daddy issues and the drama.

She wasn’t as glamorous as she used to be. She got a little arrogant. But boy, did she still have her moments of greatness.

Through all the ups and downs, the moments we almost had it all, my love for her never faltered.

Then, almost out of nowhere, our world began to crumble. She wasn’t happy. The home we shared wasn’t enough for her anymore. She wanted more.

I admit, it wasn’t a palace. But memories were created there that will last forever.

The rumors got worse. Even if she got a fancy new home, she wanted to leave me.

Rumors continued to fly. She was exploring other options.
It was all anyone could talk about.
It had to be true.
But I had to hear it from her.
I wanted to her to admit it was over and she was leaving.

Then she finally spoke.
She didn’t address the rumors. Instead, she told me what to do.

She asked me to be faithful to her.

I was heartbroken. I felt lied to.
She got caught cheating. But instead of coming clean and admitting it, she just asked me to be OK with it.

And I had to be. I mean, what choice did I have?

No matter how bad she was treating me, I loved her with all my heart.
No matter how much I wanted to be mad at her, I kept coming back.

She’s building her dream home now.
A bigger, better one.
It’s the home she’s always wanted and deserved.
Don’t get me wrong. I am happy for her.
I just wish she wasn’t doing everything she can to rub it in my face.
Constantly reminding me that my love wasn’t good enough.

That brings us to where our relationship stands today.
Despite all of her amazing accomplishments, this Sunday might be the most important day of her life. She’s got a new look. The family drama is still there. And honestly, I wish her the best.

In fact, I’ll be rooting for her.
I grew up with her.
I loved her my entire life.
No matter what happens this weekend, even after she moves into her new home, I will continue to love her.


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