Eric Flynn (@erichideo) was briefly interviewed on Telemundo after the 2007 MLB All-Star Game. He could only muster up two spanish words. Jose. Reyes.

Kyle Coleman (@kyleismorefun) is a New England sports fan living on the West Coast. In the absence of a home team, he is now 100% behind Bay Area teams. That way he’s doubled his chance of winning, and losing.

Jared Calfee (@jaredcalfee) lives in Northern Virginia and has spent his 25 years tortured by Virginia Tech, the Miami Dolphins and all of the Washington franchises. His dream is to someday have a team win a title in any sport.

Gerry Carey (@gerrycarey) is a fan of the Lakers, but he’s not one of the empty, soulless fans you see in the lower level of Staples. He’s recently taken to watching a lot of soccer and won’t stop talking about Dortmund.

Tarik Covington (@ElvisFreshly510) was born and bred in the Bay Area. What he finds most interesting about athletes is that when they say “it’s not about the money”, it’s almost ALWAYS about the money.

Chaco Daniel (@ChacoD) is an editor at extra-large for Upper Reserved. He loves sports, tolerates hockey, and is a lifelong season ticket holder for the XFL Demons.

Ian Ashenbremer (@i4sh) is a native Chicagoan of questionable Brazilian decent. He loves Derrick Rose, the Cubbies, the Bears and has grown accustomed to disappointment in the post-Jordan era.

Kevin Floyd (@Nuflavaent) resides in Oakland and is a lifelong follower of San francisco 49ers & Giants. Also fanatic of the Miami Heat, he loves following insiders and statistics of most sports and is always looking for the next scope on whats going on in the sports world.

Toby Petersen (Fuck Twitter) currently has a slug problem. He will be back soon.

Hilary Allan (@lilhil2585) is one of those rare awesome girls who actually loves sports. As a Bay Area native, she lives and breathes by the Giants and 49ers. She’s also lucky enough to work in sports. Did we say rare?


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