“Hi, I’m Larry Holmes” – Athletes in Local Advertising

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A couple of weeks ago, we looked at some of the best ads from the Super Bowl. This week, we’re going to look at athletes starring in commercials. But these aren’t classic ads like almost anything Jordan did for Nike, Glavine & Maddox proving Cy Young winners can have a sense of humor, Deion Sanders doing his best Road Runner impression, or Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott in a fake ad within a real ad. We are going to look at how most athletes get a little side money—the local ad. Great for being bad, weird or hilarious, these are better watched than described. Enjoy.



Larry Bird for Rodman Car Dealer


Ray Lewis, LaVar Arrington, Brendan Haywood & Clinton Portis for Eastern Motors


Jason Campbell & Chief Zee for Eastern Motors


Mario Lemieux for Colussy Chevrolet


Michael Vick for Woodbury Nissan


Pittsburgh Penguins for A&L Motor Sales
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John Elway for Elway Dealers

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